The H’Skin Philosophy

A labour of love and meticulous research, H’Skin was originally developed for professional aestheticians to calm and heal unbalanced, agitated skin.

Infused with quality, choice ingredients sourced from France, Canada, and Japan, H’Skin’s bespoke formulations are designed to activate your skin’s natural healing processes and restore its defences against sun damage, pollutants and use of incorrect skincare.

This proprietary line is specially tailored for the Asian skin and it helps to rejuvenate on the cellular level, reducing agitation, promoting clear, rested skin.

Discover self-care in a bottle. We hope you will love our products as much as we do!

Our Brand Promise

Restore your skin’s natural balance

Most skin issues can be caused by or exacerbated by unbalanced pH levels. Balancing the skin’s natural pH levels is a very important step in reducing skin problems. 

Encourage natural, intuitive healing of the skin 

Our formulas allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and stimulate the cells to encourage natural, intuitive healing of the skin.

Address skin concerns without negative side effects

Each ingredient that goes into our formulas passes stringent quality tests. The resultant formulas are gentle, whilst providing deep penetration to repair the inner-most of your skin. We do not include unnecessary ingredients that may cause further irritation to your skin.

Let your skin experience natural, intuitive and healing from within. 

Activate your skin’s natural healing processes and restore its defenses against sun damage, pollutants and use of incorrect skincare with our skincare today! Browse our range at our shop, or if you’re not sure what to get, you can use our product recommender for the right fit.