Placenta Gel VSF (2)



  • Smoothen wrinkles & fine lines
  • Deeply Nourishing &
    Lightweight formula
  • Decelerates signs of aging
  • Tightens, firms, protects
  • Repairs & Rejuvenates
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • For Day & Night use


Using a deeply nourishing lightweight formula, the H’Skin Placenta Gel VSF(2) allows the gel to enter deep into your skin to help repair and rejuvenate the skin. This gel helps smoothen wrinkles & fine lines, tighten & firm pores. Experience decelerated signs of aging like never before!


《Placenta Extract VSF(2)》

We employ a unique extraction technology that does not damage the pig placenta nor harm the animal. Through this extraction technology, we are able to naturally preserve a high concentration of key ingredients such as amino acid, protein, and minerals.

Coupled with alkaline phosphatase, the placenta extract promotes cell renewal and makes the skin more delicate and healthy.


Suitable for all skin types. Can be used day and night or when necessary.

How to use

After thoroughly cleansing, apply the essence to the entire face, neck and eye area.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 cm

Firming, Lifting, Skin Repair, Whitening

Skin Concerns

Dehydrated, Dullness, Redness

Suitable Skin Types

Aging Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Dull Skin

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